NOT Your Average Paint Party: An Online Fundraiser

You’ve attended lots of paint parties, but most of your masterpieces are discarded or forgotten when the party’s over. Now is your chance to have your paint party art displayed for a prize and a good cause. During this creative and fun online competition, which begins March 20, 2020 and ends May 13, 2020, participants will submit their favorite work of art from those effervescent paint parties that we all love. Never been to a paint party or have a painting to show? That’s OK! Enter the work of a friend or relative, or simply make a donation to a good cause –the BND Summer Media Camp 2020.

The entry fee for each work of art is $25, which is tax deductible. All qualifying art work will be displayed on a custom-designed BND Institute of Media and Cultureweb page. Anyone can view the works of art, which will be on display March 20 through May 13. A panel of judges will review and select the winning entries during a Facebook Live Event on May 20, 2020. The top three winners will receive money and prizes (listed below)! Proceeds will benefit the BND Summer Media Camp 2020.

* First Prize: $500 + Gourmet Food, Wine, Spa Gift Basket Valued @ $100

* Second Prize: $250 + Gourmet Gift Basket Valued @ $75

*Third Prize: $125 + Gift Basket Valued @ $50

Contest Entries: Register Here

*Interested sponsors may contact 

Copyright 2020–Bonnie Newman Davis

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