A Master Class in Entrepreneurship (and Life) with Miko Branch


Miko Branch of Miss Jessie’s              Feb. 11. Master Class Video 

Miko Branch, co-founder and CEO of Miss Jessie’s, the national hair-care products company for natural hair, came to Richmond, Va. on Feb. 11, 2017, radiating beauty, brains, talent and tenacity. For nearly an hour, Miko captivated a capacity audience at Virginia Union University with words and wisdom about starting a business and prevailing against some of life’s  toughest storms. She also talked about the process of writing and publishing a memoir that details her story: “Miss Jessie’s: Creating a Successful Business from Scratch – Naturally.” The best-selling book is now available in paperback. The BND Institute of Media and Culture was proud to sponsor Miko’s visit, along with Virginia Union University’s Center for the Study of the Urban Child, Jade Multicultural Salon,  MLH Assets Management, LP, and  Vinara Mosby, Maxamus Insurance, LLC.

Hurry back, Miko!!

Here’s what attendees had to say:


Miko Branch and Erin Danielle Stanley

i remember when @erinmademedoit and i first tried this natural thing during our sophomore year at spelman. and we couldn’t get products right to save our lives 😂. @miss_jessies products saved our lives and opened the door for us and other girls breaking away from the perms and trying out something new. and look at the natural hair care market now! mike and titi pioneered that! i’m so grateful that i met miko’s beautiful self (again!) yesterday. her book, “Miss Jessie’s: Creating a Successful Business from Scratch—Naturally” comes out in paperback on tuesday. thank you, mike. 👑 — ERIN DANIELLE STANLEY


Still on a high from my weekend outings…Shoutout to Bonnie Newman Davis, Founder of BND Institute of Media and Culture ,for bringing the CEO and Founder of Miss Jessie’s natural haircare line to Richmond. Her workshop for creating a successful business was phenomenal! Miko was not only sweet and humble, but also very insightful and transparent. I also admire her strength when discussing mental health issues in families and how the untimely, tragic death of her sister Titi (co-founder of Miss Jessie’s) affected her family. She is definitely an inspiration! – NECI HILL


Miko had a fabulous time in Richmond, VA this past weekend, hosted by my sister girlfriend from NABJ, Miss Bonnie Newman Davis who created “A Master Class with Miko Branch, CEO & Founder of Miss Jessie’s” via her BND Institute of Media and Culture and The Center for the Study of the Urban Child. Virginia Union University housed the event at its Wall Auditorium. Participants got to sit in on a chronicle the life and work of Miko her late sister, Titi with whom she launched their successful multi-million business in 2004. NBC 12’s Karla Redditte facilitated the class – posing questions to Miko that covered all aspects of starting and sustaining a business. Following this valuable lesson, audience members did Q&A. Everyone received a FREE full-sized Miss Jessie’s hair care product and gift bag. Moreover, Miko got some great press while there – including Unionite Magazine and REAL TALK with Monica L. Hall. — PATRICK L. RILEY


NBC 12’s Karla Redditte (left) and Miko Branch


God is good and family and friends are amazing. While I slept for nearly 13 hours straight, exhausted after hosting a magical and wonderful event featuring the fabulous Miko Branch of Miss Jessie’s hair products, friends have been posting, tweeting, messaging, emailing and instagramming warm words of appreciation and photos of the event. So many good people stepped in to support this second program hosted yesterday by my BND Institute of Media and Culture at Virginia Union University. I will not attempt to list everyone who helped make the event possible. However, I must thank my beloved brother-in-life & friend Patrick L. Riley for his work in helping me bring Miko to Richmond. Karla Redditte, who not only is always camera-ready but research-ready, too, knocked it out of the park with her interviewing skills that gave the audience a true sense of Miko Branch’s journey. My daughter, Erin Stanley, once again made me proud with her marketing finesse and ability to keep me on track, as did Stacy Hawkins Adams, whose soothing calm and pleasantry helped smooth my habit of being blunt. (lol) Diane Walker (Lady Di), my special sister-friend and soror, thanks for the financial pitch! A very special thank you to sponsors Dr. Lisa Moon of VUU and the entire Virginia Union University family, Jade Cureton of the Jade Multicultural Salon in Churh Hill, Michael Harvey of MLH and Associates, Vinara Mosby of Maxamus Insurance, and Robin Walston for your BENEVOLENCE and PHILANTHROPY. LaTika Johnson Lee, Tasha Chambers, Clement S. Britt, Bill Barksdale, Albani Baker, Monica L. Ball and the WCLM team, Raymond Hawkes, Whitney Harris Whitney Alison and Southern Kitchen,THANK YOU!!  –BONNIE NEWMAN DAVIS


Bonnie Newman Davis, Founder & CEO, BND Institute of Media and Culture



Dear Bonnie

Thank you so much for inviting me to your wonderful event. The fellowship and good vibes were flowing and we felt the love. We reached Norfolk safely and I have been posting from my personal Twitter and IG accounts.

Thank you again for your kindness and hospitality. Everything was perfect. Lets stay in touch.




It was a great event, Bonnie. Thanks for having the vision to bring her to Richmond! She was both gracious and giving.    — STACY HAWKINS ADAMSbdn_branch-317


Thank you, thank you, thank you Bonnie for inviting me to this awesome event. I’m so glad Mrs. Rollins put me in contact with you. I was truly inspired by Miko’s story and her entrepreneurial rise and spirit. I can’t thank you enough.    —— UNICIA BUSTER


Excellent event! People left inspired and with an action plan. – DIANE WALKER


Thank YOU for turning your idea into reality! I think we all walked away a little bit wiser from the experience! ——  KARLA REDDITTE


Bravo Bonnie & crew. Wish I could’ve been there. Looking forward to picking up the book.



Miko Branch and Jade Cureton of Jade Multicultural Salon, RVA.

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