Spending time at Anna Julia Cooper




Bonnie Newman Davis, Melissa Harris Perry, Sherri Williams

Bonnie Newman Davis, founder and CEO of the BND Institute of Media and Culture, spent some time in early June 2017 at the Anna Julia Cooper Center’s Faculty Writing Retreat at Wake Forest University.  Melissa Harris Perry, the Maya Angelou Presidential Chair at Wake Forest University, is the executive director of the Pro Humanitate Institute and founding director of the Anna Julia Cooper Center.

Faculty members from several universities assembled for a week at the AJC to either catch up on or fine tune writing projects. What an amazing opportunity to kindle the imagination and intellectualism while surrounded by dedicated scholars in a lovely facility that commemorates Anna Julia Cooper.

Cooper, 1858-1964, was an  American author, educator, sociologist, speaker, Black Liberation activist, and one of the most prominent African-American scholars in United States history.  Professor Perry and her staff, who exemplify and epitomize Cooper’s work, were wonderful hosts and made themselves readily available for questions while dispensing pools of knowledge and wisdom both humorous and serious.  I took plenty of notes with the intent of soon having  The BND Institute of Media and Culture host a similarly rewarding fellowship program!



Epic Tales Update

What a great time we had on May 11 at the gorgeous Libbie Mill Library where the BND Institute of Media and Culture hosted a lively discussion about the ups and downs of digital dating. Stay tuned for some takeaways from the discussion. Thanks so much to our guest panelists: Dr. Teshana Henderson, Alphonso “Matt” Mathis, Janna M. Hall, Heidi Wilson and our moderator Raymond Hawkes. Special thanks to Michael Harvey of MLH Assets Management LC and Vinara Mosby of Maxamus Insurance for their sponsorship and support. Thanks also to Jay Ell Alexander for her marketing finesse! Finally, a huge thanks to our attendees who braved the rain and chilly temps to join our discussion!