Living Her Best Life

The phrase “Living Your/My Best Life” may have been coined by Oprah and performed by a rapper, but Koshie France executes the words daily through her lifestyle brand that promotes self-care and well-being.

Koshie France
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France’s CocoaPariis brand encourages her clients and social media followers to “give yourself whatever you need at that exact moment.” If that means, perhaps, a charcuterie box that you envision yourself sharing with Cardi B, Anthony Bourdain, Michelle Obama or Tracee Ellis Ross, well….. that’s what it means.  Add a little sage (for positivity) into the vintage cigar boxes France uses to accent the sharp gruyere, Irish Cheddar, dried Wagyu beef, crackers and veggies and Voila! The IG account explodes!

France, a self-described food stylish, self-care advocate, body-mind designer and global citizen, grew up in Richmond, Virginia, but often traveled overseas with her Ghanaian-born parents. After graduating from Richmond’s Community High School and the University of Richmond, France’s interest in food, fashion and health merged with her savvy use of social media, which she used to build her brand. On her new website –– she rates her excitement about life as 8.92, describes herself in a hastag as “a vibe,” and says that she is most inspired right now by “black women.” 

Burning candles, buying fresh flowers weekly, visiting new restaurants, reading and indulging in baths and massages further allow France to live her best life.  Given what 2020 has given us, shouldn’t we all line up for a sentence, paragraph or page of Koshie France’s playbook?

Koshie France Video