Bessida Cauthorne White and Mikki Spencer discuss African-American Holiday Traditions

What makes the Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year’s holidays special in African-American households? Although end-of year celebrations that take place in our homes probably aren’t all that different from those experienced by other ethnicities and races, I like to think that African-Americans bring an extra layer of flavor to the holidays that go beyond roasting or frying turkeys, whipping up mouth-watering macaroni and cheese or debating who makes the best potato salad.

Whatever level of intensity or simplicity we bring to such celebrations – whether they are large, full-blown, five-course meals in homes or restaurants, a quiet dinner for two, or helping to feed neighbors in need — it is important that these seasonal displays of caring and sharing are passed on to younger generations, kindred spirits and even strangers.

In this third iteration of “Kitchen Talk: African-American Holiday Cooking 2020-Part 1,” geneaologist and author Bessida Cauthorne White and media personality Mikki Spencer serve up memories that feed the soul and warm hearts. Please enjoy! The BND Institute of Media and Culture, Inc.( acknowledges these sponsors and supporters: John Rich, Program Sponsor; Michael Harvey of MLH Assets Management, Program Sponsor; Fateema Blackwell, multimedia editor; and Dexter Johnson, videographer.